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The Evan Lieberman Friends and Family Lounge
Unveiled on Oct. 15, 2015

We were catapulted into every parent’s worst nightmare. Our son was fighting for his life after being the victim of a car collision. Our family was hunkering in at Westchester Medical Center’s Trauma ICU for a very long haul. We were there for 31 days before Evan unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

On a daily basis, helicopters efficiently medevac patients from all over New York State for what will inevitably be an extended stay for that patient. Effectively treating a trauma victim also includes aid to family members who have been surprised by a loved-one’s injury and need to be educated on life-sustaining decisions.

New Waiting AreaThe waiting area was the size of a typical conference room. When it was time to get whatever sleep could be gotten, we put air mattresses on the floor and tried to rest. We ate meals in this room. An outpouring of friends and family crowded this room. We snuck into a remote office to shower. When important doctor consultations were needed, if we didn’t speak in that room, it was in the hallway.

We were very grateful for the medical attention Evan received. As a matter of fact, we still speak with the great doctors and nurses that attended to Evan. But the waiting area was very lacking.

New Waiting AreaOur idea was to create a larger area with different rooms and amenities. Thanks to the generous support of everyone involved with Evan’s Team, The Evan Lieberman Friends & Family Lounge has become a reality.

The new area is 2,400 square feet with an expanded lounge, private sleeping rooms, a nutrition area, consulting rooms and even a locker room with a shower.

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