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Establish an essential protocol that can provide a respectful, efficient and accurate investigation at the scene of a car crash without violating privacy rights. Education is essential, but without the support of deterrents this destructive behavior is not likely to change. The existence of the Breathalyzer has been instrumental in the improvement in drunk driving. New “Textalyzer” technology can have an equally positive result. It would be used like a Breathalyzer except this test is done on mobile devices at the scene of a car crash where there is injury or property damage (not for random checks).

What is the Proposed Bill?

The Textalyzer legislation allows law enforcement to field test mobile devices at the scene of an auto crash with technology that reports illegal usage, but cannot access personal content.

What is the Technology?

The Textalyzer technology is a hand-held tablet that allows a motorist to maintain possession of his or her device while it is field tested after an auto crash. In roughly 90 seconds, the device will report illegal typing and swiping, but cannot access any personal content. The technology also differentiates between legal Bluetooth and voice activation.

Why is the Textalyzer Needed?

Currently, there is no practical and effective method to determine device-use leading to auto crashes. As a result, distracted driving statistics are drastically underreported, catastrophically preventing a proper understanding of the problem. Our popular distracted driving laws have become a toothless tiger and cannot achieve the intended effect to act as a deterrent or create the social stigma that needs to be equated with this destructive behavior.

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