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Cuomo & DORCs

May 31, 2012. Governor Cuomo announces proposed tougher laws on distracted driving.

Ben Lieberman Andrew Cuomo
Ben Lieberman Andrew Cuomo
Lieberman Cuomo Texting conference

July 1, 2013: Tougher legislation on distracted driving is signed into law only one month after Governor Cuomo proposed the legislation.

cuomo sign new legislation

Pictured from l to r : Assemblyman David Weprin, Senator Carl Marcellino,New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, DORCS Co-Chairman Ben Lieberman, Debbie Lieberman, Rachel Lieberman, Jamie Lieberman

DORCS Co-Chariman Deborah Becker meeting with Governor Cuomo before the law is signed.

cuomo and deborah becker

Pictured l to r: Governor Andrew Cuomo and DORCS Co-Chairman Deborah Becker

Cuomo & D.O.R.C.s

We are unbelievably grateful that Governor Cuomo not only specifically discusses our efforts in Wednesdays State of the State address, but is committed to combating distracted driving. The attached short video is this portion of the address.

DORCS announced at Gov Cuomo's Press Conference

Letter from Cuomo