What is DORCs?

Our culture has made great improvements with Driving Under the Influence. We are not there yet with Distracted Operators. Smartphone technology has changed our lives, mostly for the better, except when smartphones distract people driving a car.

Distracted operators risk casualties.

D.O.R.C. is a newly formed organization to change behavior through educating the public, advocating for enforcement and fighting for legislation. Keep the DORCs off the road.

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CBS Radio Interview

CBS Radio did a brief piece today on a DORCs partnered initiative. Please listen and forward to your Police Chief, Mayor or Town Supervisor and ask: Are we doing anything like this to stop Distracted Driving? Education, Legislation and Enforcement working together is exactly what we have been talking about.

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Gov Cuomo State of the State

We are unbelievably grateful that Governor Cuomo not only specifically discusses our efforts in Wednesdays State of the State address, but is committed to combating distracted driving.

NBC Nightly News Report

DORCS co-founders were featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last night. This is a strong story about enforcement. It's happening too slow but it is going to happen.

NBC Nightly News

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WCBS NY Radio Interview


Short but potent piece and well worth the listen....

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USA Today Article

USA Today article and the need for DORCs.

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